Elon University Campus Safety and Police Safety Education & Services

If you are a victim of stalking, report this to Campus Police or local police department, even if you do not know if you will be filing charges. Drop a business card or address label in the map pockets of your doors. In addition to our already-established emergency procedures, there are many safety and security measures in place. Oregon Health & Science University is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all Oregonians through excellence, innovation and leadership in health care, education and research. They will then arrange to meet with you and escort you to your requested campus location.
Always hide your valuables; and do not leave personal information on display. If you feel someone is following you, turn around and check. Proceed to the nearest lighted house or place of business.
Friends will receive updates about the trip and, in the event of the unexpected, can ping police for assistance and relay critical location and timing information from the app. If List of Escorts in Cork lock yourself out of your vehicle or need a “jump start” for your battery, contact UMPD and an officer will assist you. If you are a student, faculty, or staff member, register your bicycle and/or your car keys with UMPD. If living on campus make a second copy of your car key.
Keep your doors locked at home, in the residence hall and in your car. Always close and lock doors and windows regardless of the time of day.If you choose to open your windows due to warm weather, consider using window stops to prevent easy access. Keep your cell phone close and 911 or UPD contact numbers programmed into your phone. Know the location of campus emergency telephones on routes to and from campus destinations. Avoid walking alone at night with UMPD’s free walking escort service. The CSUF Police Department offers free child car seat inspections by officers who are certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians.
Skills in bargaining will come in time, if you practice. Just remember that Thais really appreciate generosity, rather than someone who makes a big deal about haggling over a baht or two. Thai police are some of the lowest-paid civil servants in the country, so it’s not surprising that they have a reputation for harassment, intimidation, and bribery. Involving yourself in any way whatsoever with a Thai cop is dangerous. There are many cases of lovelorn officers gunning down Thai and foreign girls (and/or their new boyfriends) who had previously flirted with their affections.
Download apps that will serve as important resources. Practice safe biking by wearing a helmet and other protective gear. Avoid talking to strangers or responding to panhandlers. Never hitchhike or accept a ride from an unknown person. Additionally, the Drexel Guardian app includes a Safety Timer as well as a one-touch emergency dialing feature. With carriers like FedEx or UPS, you can often set this preference through your customer account, even if the package is already on its way.