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Many middle school and high school students are already avid TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter users. So, have them use their smartphones and tablets for a good cause. Younger participants in a discount card sale fundraiser can have their parents help them sell the cards.
Alternatively, your nonprofit can partner with a local retailer. Have them sell paper hearts to their patrons, allowing you to spread the word outside your current donor base. You’ve likely seen this technique used by nonprofits in your local grocery store. Once you get your partnership established, set up an online shop or sell your coffee beans in a busy area in your community.
They receive the photos digitally to do whatever they like with them, so all you need is the time of the photographer and a nice place to take the pics. Kids are the hungriest at the end of the day when it’s still somewhere in-between lunch and dinnertime. This is especially the case if they’ve started staying for extracurricular activities. Get ready for laughs and maybe even a love connection with a “win-a-date” event. Partner with another fraternity or sorority to assemble a ticketed auction for potential dates with a roster of eligible individuals. To arrange non profit fundraising ideas , you can contact a local shelter or pet therapy organization.
Students always have all sorts of eclectic talents and this is the perfect opportunity for them to show what they can do. Teachers can even get involved and have a little fun by doing things such as doing a musical number. Parents and other family members will love the opportunity to hang their child’s drawing on their wall along with everyone else’s creations. Over the years, we have talked to a lot of PTA/O leaders who are looking for the most profitable…
Organize a trivia night and put your students’ knowledge to the test. You’ll need to set up donation points that are accessible to the public. You can set up a point at the front office since it will be easy to find. Always start with your donor’s preferred name and try to reference any past relationship or donations. Charge a small admission fee per pet and make sure you set up a donation table. If you want to sell t-shirts, look for a provider that takes care of the shipping for you, so that you don’t have to store and distribute hundreds of shirts.
Change things up a bit by having your cheerleading squads play against each other in a friendly round of flag football. This time, the sports teams can support the cheerleading team by volunteering at the event. Charge family and student entrance fees, sell refreshments and make room for donations on the big day. About a month before the cheer-a-thon, launch your team’s crowdfunding website. Cheerleading team members can customize their fundraising page and ask supporters to donate funds to the cause.
We offer 5 of the most popular cookie dough flavors in boxes of 36 cookie dough pucks. We offer 40% profit and free shipping for orders over 150 boxes. This is a perfect event to offer some not-too-scary Halloween fun for students and raise some funds for your PTO.
You can sell your baked goods at games, tournaments, or local events, like a farmers’ market. The Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser from ABC Fundraising® is a fast and easy way to raise money for your volleyball team. Partner with some local businesses and restaurants that are willing to offer exclusive deals for your sports team’s generous supporters. Combine all these great bargains into a singular coupon book and start selling to community members, families, friends, and loved ones of your players. Firstly, get familiar with the range of middle school fundraiser options out there, and the benefits and drawbacks of each type.